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Round Robin - well, this is it, the last chapter. I hope it's worthy.

Doing this with everyone has been great fun.


Cameron studies House's familiar face as they each take a bagel, overfilled with cream cheese. She knows the future won't be easy. Any relationship with House would be filled with ups and downs, bumps in the road, and detours fraught with danger.


But for the first time in recent years, she can feel the exhilaration of hope.


Can she make him happy? Perhaps, at least for a while. That's what she's always wanted, not to fix him but to banish his underlying sadness.


Is he ready to accept her love? To believe she can love him? Maybe. But even more than convincing him that she can, she wants him to learn to love himself.


Does he love her? Could he? She knows he can care about another human being. She'd concluded once that he could even love someone, just not her. Had that changed?


House studies Cameron lovely face as they eat the chewy bagels, dripping with cream cheese. He knows she'll hurt him eventually, and he'll just as certainly hurt her.



But he's tired of playing a defensive game. He'll tackle any problems as they occur. Right now he's just relieved that he no longer has to hide his feelings.


Can he make her happy? He's never been good at doing that for anyone, not even himself, but the desire to please her is strong.


Does she really love him? He'd always thought that she needed him as a charity case. Or if she really did love him, she was either a masochist or crazy. But he'd found that none of those hypotheses was true.


Does he love her? He isn't even sure what that should feel like but he does know that she touches him physically and emotionally the way no one ever has.


Their eyes meet, as they've done so often. The connection is undeniable.


“Do you want the last bagel?” he asks without breaking eye contact.


“Let's share it,” she suggests and he knows she's not just talking about breakfast.



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