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Welcome to [community profile] lines_crossed, a House/Cameron fanfic archive community. Our goal is to make this sort of a one-stop shopping place for H/C fics. We hope to collect as many as possible, for the enjoyment of all House/Cameron fans. We may also, occasionally, post a writing challenge. So join, submit your fics, and enjoy.

But read the rules first.

This community was created to archive as many House/Cameron fics as possible. There are no restrictions as to genre, rating or quality of the fic. As long as it's House/Cameron, it's welcome here.


1) Anyone may post a story, as long as it's complete. Do not post a story that is not yours without permission from the author.

2) When posting a fic, please use this format:


Link to fic

3) Do not post the body of your fic. Links only. (Exceptions will be made by the mods.)

4) Please do not tag your entries. Mods will do that.

5) Please leave off your "location," "current mood" and "current music," as it clogs up the entry and makes it harder to see the tags.

6) Do not post reviews of fics here. This is just an archive. We will occasionally do fic challenges or round robins here. You may leave reviews for those if you wish.

7) Fic requests/questions/searches/recommendations/prompts/challenges are welcome. As are beta requests.

8) Do NOT feed the trolls. Seriously. Just. Don't.

9) Trolls will be soundly and firmly ignored. Troll posts will be deleted without a word.

10) Rules are subject to change.

Have a question? Leave it here in comments.

Thank you!
Your mods,
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