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Hi there,

As you may have noticed, progress on the Round Robin has slowed to a virtual crawl.  I really hate nagging everyone to get their parts posted - as mom to a preteen boy, I do enough nagging in real life :D  So...if you are interested in continuing to participate, please comment to this post.  If you've lost interest, or you're too busy, or whatever, it's cool with me.  No hard feelings :) 

Thanks guys,

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TITLE: i carved your name across my eyelids
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] nevermore199
PAIRING: House x Cameron, of a sort.
GENRE: Drama/Angst
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Love Hurts, if anyone hasn't seen that yet.
SUMMARY: She's had dreams about this. One-shot. During Love Hurts.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own House; I'm just living through its characters.
NOTES: My first House piece of any length, and also mostly written in the middle of the night. Go easy on me, yes? :)


(I am doing this right, aren't I? Ha ha........)
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My latest contribution to our Round Robin.
NOTE: Feeling a bit existentialist when I wrote this--and I was a little dazed and confused (hee). Hence, this. Whatever this is.
Anyways, [livejournal.com profile] jesmel, you're up next :)

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to check the rules on the comm profile before posting. A new rule (number five) was added yesterday, and I meant to make a post then, but got distracted with fic. So here it is now:

1) Anyone may post a story, as long as it's complete. Do not post a story that is not yours without permission.

2) When posting a fic, please use this format:


Link to fic

3) Do not post the body of your fic. Links only.

4) Please do not tag your entries. Mods will do that.

5) Please leave off your "location," "current mood" and "current music," as it clogs up the entry and makes it harder to see the tags.

6) Do not post reviews of fics here. This is just an archive.

7) Fic requests/questions/searches/recommendations are welcome.

8) Do NOT feed the trolls. Seriously. Just. Don't.

9) Trolls will be soundly and firmly ignored. Troll posts will be deleted without a word.

10) Rules are subject to change.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :D

Your friendly mod,
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Hey Everyone,

Slight change in the line-up...[livejournal.com profile] blueheronz has requested that we skip over her for the time being. So next on deck is now [livejournal.com profile] fated_addiction. We will add [livejournal.com profile] blueheronz back on at the end, in between [livejournal.com profile] marcasite and myself.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer hiatus thus far!

Bye for now,

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I'm not sure if this is the proper method for submitting my own fics. I was a bit confused with the instructions. Sorry.

Author: [livejournal.com profile] cassandra_elise
Title: The Break-Up
Chapters: Ten
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance
Summary: Thanks to Cameron's advice, Cuddy calls it quits with House. Curious about Cameron's motives, House pursues the young doctor for an answer, but soon finds himself pursuing her for entirely different reasons . . .
Warnings: Spoilers through episode 5.7, "The Itch." Then becomes AU.

Cameron’s voice was a clarion in the empty hospital halls.
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I've lost track of what part we're up to, but here's my contribution. On deck is [livejournal.com profile] blueheronz

Holy fast updates, Batman! )
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SORRY I didn't update earlier! I had the piece written this weekend but left it on my laptop and blablabla I DIDN'T HAVE IT =(
Hope you enojoy! If there are any questions, please ask!

[livejournal.com profile] athousandsmiles , you're up

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For whatever reason, I got completely flummoxed by the last part, so I ended up taking the story in a completely different path. Sorry if it's contrived.

Next up is [livejournal.com profile] chlorinehamster. Have fun. :)

This is so not the carnival )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] marcasite/gabesaunt
Title: stars still come out at night
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Post-Ep
Summary: So many words; none of them mean anything.

story link here
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This isn't anything like either of the pieces I had prepared. Still, I, or rather Cameron chooses right or left, and I'll leave it to[livejournal.com profile] marcasite  to tell us what that will lead to:

Chapter 11

Cameron knows that House intentionally put her on the spot. She knows she has to make a choice, and do it quickly. The light won't stay red forever. Luckily, or not, this is one of those intersections where you can't turn right on red. She knows that the sign saying so wouldn't have stopped House, but she's painfully aware that she's not House. And it's as good an excuse as any.


She's sure it won't help to ask House to explain what he meant by turning right meaning 'yes' and turning left meaning 'no'. 'Yes' to what? Going to his place? To the carnival? But then, what does 'no' mean? What was that about a detour? If she asks him any of these questions, he's bound to give an answer that would confuse the situation even more. She won't try to get into his head. She'd get lost in that rat's maze he calls a brain, and might never get out.


So she has to decide what she wants. She wants to show that she's decisive. Whenever she has been in the past, taken control of a situation and acted independently, there was always a glimmer of admiration in House's bright blue eyes. She yearns to see that approval again.


Cameron looks at the street sign, Gibson Street. Has she ever been on it before? What's to the right? To the left?


The light changes, and she turns right. “Mind if we make a stop along the way?” she asks and out of the corner of her eye she catches a look of surprise on his face.


They drive several blocks before she catches sight of the building she remembers. Once they reach it, she pulls into the crowded parking lot. She finds a spot to park and turns off the ignition. As she opens the door and starts to get out, she turns back to House and asks, “Are you coming?”


The look of approval she desires is there, accompanied by one of total amusement. “I wouldn't miss this for the world.”




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NOTE: Figured I post before everyone taking Easter break. I'm kinda carried away by the angsty that has been offered lately. Un-beta-ed; sorry. Constructive criticism is more than welcomed.
[livejournal.com profile] jesmel , you're up next :)

here )
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NOTE: *laughs* Technically, I'm still supposed to be on my pseudo-vacation. But! [livejournal.com profile] mabe85, you're up m'dear. I hope you guys enjoy!

& )
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I wrote my part before reading that a Round Robin is a fun game, so sorry if this is a bit of an angsty section. I also didn't count the words. ~ Blueheronz

Up next is [livejournal.com profile] fated_addiction

Differential Diagnosis )
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Round Robin fic, part five

Apologies for taking so long. This is a bit short of the 300 word guideline, but then, I'm a bit short on time lately, so it is what it is.

Next up is [livejournal.com profile] blueheronz.

here we go )
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TAGS [livejournal.com profile] athousandsmiles  ^^

Please give me some constructive critics! My first time on this chain-fic and I hope I'll live up to the expectations! =D

Follow the fic here )

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Here is the second part of the fic. Accolades to [livejournal.com profile] everytimeyougo for taking me out of my comfort zone and making me write in present tense. lol

And [livejournal.com profile] chlorinehamster, you're up next!

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Hi all,

With the blessing of two of this community's maintainers, I thought it might be fun to start a Round Robin House/Cameron fic.  Basically, I'll post the first scene, then the next person in line will add on, and so on and so on until we have a completed fic.  This is just for fun, and I'm sure it won't be a masterpiece with so many different writing styles out there, so don't feel like you have to be an experienced fic writer to contribute.  Everyone is welcome!  You can sign up at anytime in the process, but I'd like to get at least 8 to 10 people before starting, just to ensure that it isn't too much of a commitment for any of us.

I'm thinking 300-500 words per turn and each contributor would have a week to write and post their portion.  Too long?  Too short? I confess I've never been involved in anything like this before, so if you have experience and have any ideas on how best to proceed, I'm all ears! 
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] everytimeyougo
Title: Now and Then
Rating: t
Genre: supernatural, romance, humour, au
Summary: I've often thought that Season One House and New Cameron would make a great couple. Impossible, you say? Well, maybe not.

Now and Then


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