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Disclaimer: I'm known for my own brand of Smut Lite so don't expect anything tooooo hot, certainly not graphic...

Also, I don't remember whether anyone described what they were wearing so I've taken liberties with that.

Next up will be [livejournal.com profile] everytimeyougo  to start the final round.


He finally opens his seat belt, gets out of the car, leads her to his apartment, and opens the door. Once inside he turns to her, still eager to kiss her.


He's kissed her before. But this time neither of them has an ulterior motive. Her soft, sweet lips part at the slightest pressure from his tongue and allow it to dance with hers. He pulls her closer, and runs his large hands along the sides of her slender body.


He lifts one hand to deftly open the buttons of her blouse. As his long fingers brush the thin fabric, he thinks about the robot he'd used to perform a similar task, but this time it's real. This time when she gasps as he touches the soft skin above the curve of her breasts, he can feel the warmth of her breath.


He smiles when he sees that her bra is similar to the one he'd imagined. He unhooks it to release the small but perfect breasts.


Her sighs of pleasure as he traces each nipple with a finger spur him on. He finds that the area around her naval is ticklish, so he moves lower, unbuttoning her slacks and slowly sliding the zipper down.


Cameron's hands aren't idle either. He pauses to let her pull his T-shirt over his head, to run her hands over his bare chest. Then he coaxes her slacks over her narrow hips, and she begins to open his jeans. They both know there's no turning back now. Whatever reservations either of them have had over the years have been discarded.


Once they've shed their clothes, they survey each other and are pleased with what they see. House reaches out a hand and leads Cameron to the bedroom, then pulls her close. As their bodies touch, their growing passion blocks out all rational thought. Consequences be damned, there is only the two of them in this moment in time.


They find themselves in the bed, urgently groping, passionately kissing, their only desire to become one. As they join at last, all the barriers between them disappear.



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